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ViaVia Entebbe

Located near the airport and surrounded by nature’s beauty, we offer comfortable hotel stays, a vibrant bar & restaurant, and we create memorable travel experiences. Your journey to Uganda begins at ViaVia Entebbe.

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ViaVia Hotel Entebbe

Experience comfort, convenience and a touch of nature, all just a stone’s throw away from Entebbe Airport. With a diversity of rooms overlooking the garden, all self-contained with lodge-style mosquito nets and a private terrace, we offer outstanding quality at affordable prices.

For those with a spirit for adventure, we offer glamping in stunning canvas tents that redefine camping luxury. Equipped with charm and shared bamboo showers amidst a captivating array of birds, monkeys, and more.

ViaVia Hotel Entebbe is a home away from home, but then slightly better! Come and discover Entebbe’s n°1 relax spot.

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Bar & Restaurant

ViaVia Bar & Restaurant, the number 1 relaxation spot in Entebbe, offers a delightful array of world flavors and lovely fresh juices and cocktails. Our homemade cuisine is available from breakfast to dinner, all in our cozy tree-filled location. Share dessert with monkeys in our lush surroundings, as our friendly staff caters to all. We’re open from 7 am to midnight, ready to make your visit a flavorful and refreshing memory.

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Explore Uganda

Gear up for an adventure in Uganda, where you’ll discover a country that’s as wild as it is wonderful. From the majestic gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park to the breathtaking landscapes of Murchison Falls, Uganda has it all. Start your journey in Entebbe, the perfect gateway to explore the wonders of this beautiful country.

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A place to connect

A meeting place for people from across the globe as the ultimate start- and end point for individual- and group travels in Uganda.

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A place to enjoy

A delightful blend of delicious cuisine, refreshing local drinks, cosy rooms, and unique souvenirs, making it an ideal spot for relaxation and indulgence.

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A place to explore

A haven of travel information to forge your wildest plans; from a tour in Entebbe to a tailor made tour in Uganda, we got you covered!

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A place to contribute

A focus on sustainable tourism to have a positive impact on the community, environment, and economy, stimulating responsible travelling.

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Welcome to ViaVia Entebbe

When traveling to Uganda, the city of Entebbe is most probably your gateway to this wonderful country. Right at the heart of the city, ViaVia is unmistakably the coziest option to start your long-awaited trip. We also offer a wide collection of tissues for tears of goodbye when heading back home.

Picture top-notch hammocks, a dazzling garden, and delicious healthy food mixed in. You’ll find yourself in the midst of a truly heartwarming experience that’s very hard to beat.

Our notorious campfires serve as the ideal gathering spot for people from across the globe. And while we boast an excellent internet connection, our large population of birds doesn’t need any 4G to serenade you with tweets all day long.

With our excellent expertise in all things – activities, travels, tours, hikes, and relaxation in Entebbe and Uganda – we’re here to make your journey truly unforgettable.”


Rooms & Glamping

With a diversity of rooms overlooking the garden, all self-contained with lodge-style mosquito nets and a private terrace, we offer outstanding quality at affordable prices. We also have stunning canvas tents that are fully equipped with outside shared bamboo showers. They have everything guests need for a fantastic glamping experience. ViaVia is a home away from home, but then slightly better!

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From freshly made smoothies and local beers to some good old Ugandan coffee; our beloved bar has it all.

On today’s menu you will always find fresh and healthy food, spiced with world flavours. Start the day with our signature hearty breakfast, have lunch and get surprised by our international and Ugandan cuisine while having dinner.

If you’re lucky, you can share dessert with the resident monkeys playing in the trees while you’re relaxing on our outside terrace or in one of our hammocks.

The kitchen is open continuously from 7 am until midnight for guests.


Taste the World, Explore Uganda

Uganda is a safe and wonderful touristic destination, endless to discover. Get overwhelmed by the stunning nature and wildlife, the cultural diversity within its boundaries and the typical warm hospitality. ViaVia Adventures can help you organise your trip. Tailor made tours or trips off the beaten track!

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Our staff is the heart of ViaVia Entebbe.

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Working together with local entrepreneurs is one of our focus points.

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We value the connections with the community to make cultural exchange possible.

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Souvenir shop

Everything you find in our giftshop is lovingly handmade by local passionate entrepreneurs. From jewellery over clothing, to candles and sculptures… just something for everyone. By partnering with these people, we not only offer them the opportunity to sell their products, but also that buyers don’t buy another “Made in China” souvenir.

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We encourage our employees to never stop learning and are always looking for learning opportunities for the team. For instance, training sessions on the Sustainable Development Goals, non-violent communication and even beekeeping have already been organised for the team.

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Clean Up

Through our monthly Clean Up day we draw attention to waste pollution in the community. This is done by sensitizing the local people about proper waste management techniques. Furthermore, we aim to create a cleaner, nicer, and therefore healthier environment and reduce the effects of poor waste management practices on the environment.

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CosmoGolem project

The CosmoGolem is a wooden giant that empowers children to express themselves through various forms of art such as poetry, dance, stories and visual art. It encourages creativity, personal expression and self-confidence, making it a powerful tool for children to find their voice and identity.

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Nursery & chicken project

Thanks to all the love and financial support from our beloved guests and friends, the Joker corona campaign and thanks to our staff’s energy and commitment we could keep the team together. We produced eggs, compost and plants to overcome the difficult COVID-19 times. All the revenue from these sales went to our staff, which meant extra income for the team.

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Expression, innovation, inspiration

ViaVia Entebbe wants to be an open space for innovation, for social and sustainable entrepreneurship; a place for musicians to jam; a space for poets to perform, for children to play, birds to fly and monkeys to eat fruits; a place where you can forge plans, where people can create, dream and try out …