Queen 4

Fort Portal & Queen Elizabeth National Park

Immerse yourself in the charm of Fort Portal, nestled among the majestic Rwenzori Mountains, and explore the diverse wildlife and breathtaking landscapes of Queen Elizabeth National Park. Meet chimpanzees, elephants, hippos and antelopes in their natural habitat. Experience the wonders of Fort Portal and Queen Elizabeth first-hand!

Embark on a five-day adventure through Uganda’s stunning landscapes and diverse wildlife. This itinerary promises an immersive experience in Uganda’s natural wonders, from wetlands to rainforests, national parks, and memorable encounters with a variety of wildlife, making it an ideal choice for nature enthusiasts and wildlife lovers.

Day 1 – Bigodi Wetlands

Early departure for the ride to Bigodi Wetlands, where a guide will be waiting. The hike in this beautiful nature takes about 2 hours. The guide will be happy to tell you more about the birds, animals and nature of this area.

Day 2 – Chimp trekking & arrival in Queen Elizabeth

Kibale Forest is truly one of the most beautiful rainforests! Up to 13 different species of primates can be found here, such as the Red Tailed Monkey, Blue Monkey and Grey-cheeked Mangabey. However, the main reason for the visit is clearly the chimpanzees, as about 1,500 live in the forest in the wild. After the chimp trekking, it is time to visit Uganda’s second largest national park, Queen Elizabeth. Full of admiration, countless antelopes, herds of buffalo and, with luck, a lion or leopard can be spotted. The end time of the chimp trek will determine whether or not a safari can be done after arrival at the accommodation.

Day 3 – Safari

After a sunrise safari, the national park is further explored in the afternoon by taking a boat on the Kazinga Channel. This connects Lake Edward with Lake George. Don’t forget the binoculars to spot all the hippos and elephants. A mighty experience!

Day 4 – Three climbing lions in Isasha

After a final morning safari, the drive continues to Isasha. This is where the lions crawl into trees to rest or enjoy a fresh breeze.

Day 5 – Drive to Entebbe

This morning can be spent sleeping a little longer before embarking on the long ride to Entebbe. In the evening, the sunset and a cool beer can be enjoyed on ViaVia’s terrace.

+ 4 nights of accommodation with breakfast, lunch and dinner

+ Activities listed: Bigodi Wetlands, boat cruise on Kazinga Channel & safaris

+ Chimp permit

+ Driver/guide & safari car (incl. petrol)

Basic: stay in simple but cosy accommodation with private or shared sanitary facilities and a private safari van with pop-up roof; back to the basics.

Comfort: stay in unique, comfortable accommodations with breathtaking views and a private safari van with pop-up roof; just that little bit extra.

Deluxe: stay in high-end, exclusive accommodation with the possibility of refreshment at a swimming pool and private safari jeep with pop-up roof; a once-in-a-lifetime experience.