Our story

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ViaVia Entebbe was founded at the end of 2016 by Pieter, Lobke and Steven, finding the right Belgian and Ugandan ingredients to shake the cocktail until it bustles, inspires and invites.

ViaVia is a meeting place in Entebbe for locals, expats and travelers. The aim is to be an open space for innovation, for social and sustainable entrepreneurship, a place for musicians to jam, a space for poets to perform, for children to play, birds to fly and monkeys to eat fruits, a place where you can forge plans, where people can create, dream and try out … ViaVia Entebbe is embedded in the local environment and reinforces the community. We have a focus on sustainable tourism to create adventure, a positive impact on the community, environment and economy, stimulating cultural exchange and responsible traveling.

We would like to share the beauty of Uganda with you. We will operate as passionate guides to let you discover the most interesting places in the surroundings of Entebbe and Uganda.